K.I.M. Keep It Moving is the Next Level of Movement!

Whether you are at home or traveling for pleasure or business, professional dancer or just beginning, a gym goer or never been in the gym, but want a healthier version of you… BE READY TO MAKE A CHANGE!  This website will give 24/7 access to dance routines and breakdowns, mini training sessions, special “live” events, healthy recipes, the “first” to know about upcoming news/events, and much more…all at your fingertips.

No matter what you do …KEEP IT MOVING!!


  • Free Virtual Live Classes (excluding special events or master classes)
  • Full Choreographed Dance Videos and Technical Breakdowns
  • Cooking Videos for Healthy Nutrition
  • Dance Tips to Improve Your Skills
  • How-To Videos to Learn New Moves
  • Filmed in Professional Studios and in Home Settings For a More Relatable Experience
  • Monthly or Annual Subscription Options
  • Easy and Secure Payments
  • Tech Support


  • Help define a person’s ability to execute any form of movement
  • Instructions of proper body alignment
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Build endurance and flexibility
  • Better coordination
  • Obtain knowledge of musicality
  • Achieve all around better performance
  • Lose weight, lose inches

This is for…

  • The person who needs to start somewhere but wants to have fun while exercising.
  • The professional dancers to keep their focus on their dance and trying new techniques.
  • The person looking to train but does not know where to start.
  • The person who has been training and need to continually train but needs a boost/shock.
*Virtual Personal Training is not included in the membership. It is a separate fee.