“My Mentor, Savior & Friend”

My name is Jayme Zollers and I am 48 yrs old as of writing this.  I have been taking fitness and dance classes with Kimberly Dolan for nearly 4 years.  In 2013 I underwent major weight loss surgery due to health complications.  One important requirement to this surgery was to maintain an active exercise regimen; so I joined a gym and worked out on treadmills and bikes and machines for about 6 months.  I found no results from this and knew I had to do cardio to help get my body in stronger shape.  At this point I did not have a lot of self esteem and was scared to go into a class out for fear of judgement from the other girls who looked so great and I did not. I started a low impact aerobics class, stood in the back corner and tried to fit in.  I never felt comfortable. Someone then told me of  Kimberly Dolan’s high impact high energy class so I tried it, again in the back corner.

“She is a powerful motivator and an incredible instructor.  She even taught me one on one with several different dance moves to help improve my endurance in her class.  I have maintained my weight til this day due to Kim.”

jayme before kim personal trainingjayme after kim personal training

This was a revelation for me, and I never turned back.  I stared to follow her classes to different gyms and would only take her class.  I felt energized, excited,  happy, and welcomed.  After about a year I made many close connections and found that my weight loss program was working thanks to Kim.  I lost 120 lbs and never felt better.  Kim and I spoke few times and she gave me pointers on how to improve my workout experience.  She even assisted me with my circulation in my hands due to arthritis.  I wanted to do more for myself so I asked Kim if she could assist me one on one.  She agreed but told me it was going rough and she was right, she was tough on me, but I survived.   Her personal training was a changing point in my weight loss; I was able to get stronger in my arms and my confidence.  Kim never judged me and never gave up on me.  Even at one point she stayed with me on the mat in my face telling me I can do it .. until I was able to do a push up; which I never could do before.  Afterwards I cried, it meant so much that she took the time with me.

She is a powerful motivator and an incredible instructor.  She even taught me one on one with several different dance moves to help improve my endurance in her class.  I have maintained my weight til this day due to Kim. Kim is someone who is dedicated to her students and she always puts us first and reaches out to us personally when she knows we are struggling.  She gives us 100% every class no matter what is going on in her life. As another one of Kims Krew members said, “everyone needs Kim in their life”.

I would not be standing proud in the middle row facing the mirrors watching myself with confidence if it wasn’t for Kim.  Her classes are packed and fun and intense and we all leave there sweaty and ready to conquer the world. Kim’s classes are truly my happy place. Kim is my teacher my mentor my savior and my friend. Thank you Kim for being you.

Jayme Zollers, 48

“I’m Still Standing”

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2016, I learned that I could lose my ability to walk. As scary as that sounded, I knew I had to stay active. I began taking Kim’s dance fitness classes and three years later, I am still walking. The classes are intense, but they are so much fun. I appreciate Kim and the time she takes through her long drives, timely playlists, and the modifications for each routine. She is amazing. The classmates have become friends, and I look forward to every class I can get to. Thank you Kim for every class.

The Krew page that Kim created has been very helpful because she keeps members up-to-date with the schedule and writes motivational posts to keep us going. I believe one of the reasons I am still standing and walking is because of Kim and her classes. Thank you for keeping me going.

Mandy Walker, 41

“My First Dance Fitness Class”

The first dance fitness class I ever took with Kimberly was a few months following a year-long treatment for breast cancer. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a long distance runner and was in the best shape of my life. After a year of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and having my body pumped full of medications and steroids, my weight skyrocketed, and my fitness level dropped. I was angry, insecure, and depressed. Then, I walked into Kimberly’s dance fitness class, and everything changed.

I have taken dance fitness classes in the past but found them to be far too low-impact for my high-energy self. This is NOT the case with Kimberly’s classes. She packs her classes with a mix of dance and high-impact aerobics that leave me sweaty, satisfied, and sufficiently worked out. She plays an array of fantastic music, and her choreography is unique, fun, and energetic. As an instructor, she is tough but encouraging, fun but no-nonsense. She’s the total package.

monica beforemonica after

After a few years of taking dance fitness courses, I branched out and started training with Kimberly. Our one-on-one personal training session dramatically improved my strength and endurance. I noticed significant changes in my arm and core muscles, and my endurance improved exponentially. In fact, after training with Kimberly and taking her dance fitness classes, I was able to complete a 6-day, 70 mile hike through Spain TWICE!

I’m now five years post-cancer, and I’m still not 100%. No one who goes through cancer is ever the same. But, I’m no longer sad about it because Kimberly has given me a new outlook on fitness and on myself. She was there for me as I came out of one of my worst moments, and she brought me back to life. For that, I am eternally grateful. She is not only a fantastic fitness coach and instructor, but she is truly an amazing, supportive, inspiring person. Every woman needs a Kimberly in her life.

– Monica D., 38

“Kim Is An Awesome Teacher”

I have been taking classes with Kimberly since 2012. Kimberly’s Dance Fitness classes are almost all my major exercises that I actually have and stuck with. I take this class 4~5 times a week. This class really built my health and made my body feel fit. I keep my good range weights for almost 10 year and did not change.

Kim is an awesome teacher. Her class is very popular and crowd. She prepares the class very well, we can feel this from her own choreographed dance and selected music. We all truly enjoy her unique fitness dance Choreography with wonderful music. Kim’s class is one of the most amazing fun one, makes me and everyone feel comfortable, energetic and be happy. I expected it as happy hour and looking forward it every time!
I highly recommend Kimberly’s Dance Fitness class!!!!


ada KIM fitness dance testimonial

“Fun and Positive”

Prior to finding Kim’s Dance fitness classes, I had paid for numerous gym memberships only to use them for about a month, and then pay for the thought of going again. I stumbled upon Kim’s Dance Fitness classes in 2015. Since then I have not only taken her fitness classes, but also a few Dance classes as well. She teaches in a way that you will remember these routines for years to come. The routines are always fun and the positivity and the support from the classmates are something you can’t find everywhere.  In the past year, I have lost 60 pounds due to her teachings. She tends to push people to their limits while maniacally laughing though those tough fitness songs. My endurance has progressively gotten better and the endorphins from the dances helps me balance out my anxiety and depression.

Amber O., 30

amber KIM fitness testimonial

“Dance Exercise Instructor Extraordinaire!”

Like many mothers with full-time jobs, my non-work life had become increasingly focused on my family. Though I’d been physically active for most of my life, I didn’t have time for it anymore. The toll on my body was slow and gradual, until finally I got a wake-up call at my annual physical six years ago. My blood pressure was up as was my cholesterol; my doctor was ready to start me on medications for both right away. I asked if there was any alternative, and she told me: start exercising and lose some weight.

That was the wake-up call I needed to start prioritizing my health, so I headed back to the gym. And that’s when I discovered Kimberly Dolan’s dance exercise classes. The pure joy and collective FUN that permeated the room was infectious; even though I had to start slow, the routines were engaging and I could see myself improving every week. Soon I was no longer “exercising” – I was dancing! A joy of my childhood that I hadn’t even realized I’d lost was restored to me. I started attending classes 3 times a week; soon I found room in my schedule for more. At the end of a year, I had lost 40 pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol were restored to low/normal levels – where both have stayed since that time.

Kimberly’s classes are the purest joy of my week. As I approach my 65th birthday, I’m in better shape now than at any other point in my life – not because I’ve developed the iron discipline to keep to an exercise regimen, but simply as a consequence of doing something I love. Kimberly’s classes are truly communities; her spirit and love of her work draws everyone together, no matter their age, race, physical condition, or gender. The collective effervescence generated by 50+ people dancing in unison is simply amazing. She is also highly knowledgeable about fitness and exercise more generally; when I’ve consulted with her about various aches and pains, she’s always had just the right exercise or stretch to relieve them. I am counting on her to keep me going into my 80’s! In short – Kimberly Dolan is simply the best dance exercise instructor I can imagine. She truly changes lives, through the power of dance.

Katherine, age 65

katherine beforekatherine after

Yes, exercise CAN be fun.

I hate exercise. I hate vegetables. I love cake and beer. This all starts to catch up with you. I had been asked for the 3rd time in a few months when I was “due” and my self esteem was affected. But I have 4 kids, was attending full time college and worked full time. How in the world was I going to fit in exercise? I reluctantly joined a gym that had dance fitness classes. This is where I found my people and lost 50 lbs in the process. The energy as soon as I walked into the room was fun, upbeat, and welcoming.

There were people of all shapes and sizes, ages and colors. Little Kim with the big presence started the class. Her choreography was a great mix of Latin and hip hop. Her music selections were also a great mix of old school,Latin, and modern. I was hooked. Her class availability made it doable with my busy schedule. Plus it was wicked fun. Yes, exercise CAN be fun. A year later, 50 lbs came off and even through I look like a weirdo dancing- I have the best time and have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Kim pushes you to be your best self but you find yourself smiling the whole time. Her infectious energy and remarkable talent make you want to be there. She makes my heart (and hips) happy. She ignited my inner Shakira and there’s no going back!

Linda Horton a.k.a Kensington, 38

Join the community of people just like you, we just wanna dance, get fit and have fun!

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