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Starting at $35/month

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You do not have to have your microphone or camera on to participate!

Meet Your Instructor: Kim

Kimberly Dolan is a triple threat – studying acting, singing and dance in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles. She started acting and singing in high school, performing in several musicals and one-act plays, studied various forms of dance for over 20 years including Ballet, Tap, Irish, African, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Jazz to name a few. Kimberly has been a teacher of Hip Hop Dance and Group fitness classes for over 20 years.

kimberly dolan - dance and fitness instructor

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Just Dance (Full Class)
Choreo Breakdowns
Dancer Tips
Blinding Lights (Choreo)
Circuit Training (FullClass)
How To
Just Dance (Full Class)
Hip Hop (Full Class)
Full Dance (Let Me Take You Dancing)

What Our Members Are Saying

I have been a member of for over a year now, and I must say, it’s a game changer. As a new mom, it’s difficult for me to get to the gym. With Kim’s website, I have the freedom to workout in the comfort of my own home at the time that is most convenient for me.

There are so many options that I can choose from, so I’m never bored. The music and energy keep me motivated and on course. I love the recipes she shares. Yum!! And, I love the breakdown of the choreography she offers.

Super easy and fun!!! I highly recommend everyone to check it out!! My husband and 2 year old love to join in! They have so much fun dancing to the fun, upbeat music!

sarah wSarah W.

I love how accessible KIM makes fitness at home. The classes are always fun and have you sweating out the calories! Dancing, fitness, fun, community, KIM!

Chad L.

I have been a member of KIM since it launched. Kim’s wonderful enthusiasm and smile make it even more enjoyable. Her website is very well done. It is easy to navigate and it is great that she has an archive of classes to choose from when I am unable to attend her live schedule.

I am glad that she offers the circuit training classes. I also did a couple of her dance video projects. They were really fun! She put so much work and creativity into them! My husband Shaun joins me for her virtual class on Saturdays and totally enjoys them too!

deborah testimonialDeborah W.

I have been taking Kim’s Dance class for 6+ years and am a member of “” since launched in 2020. What I like about the site is the flexible schedule. I could choose to attend live stream classes or take classes at my own pace by following recorded sessions. I also like the pace and intensity of Kim’s class, I could easily burn off 350 to 400 calories per session. During the pandemic, in addition to my daily walk (boring), I added Kim’s online classes to my exercise schedule. It has helped me a lot to keep myself active during this unprecedented time. I am now so used to Kim’s online classes, even with fitness centers opening up, I continue to utilize Kim’s online fitness classes as a major part of my exercise routine.

“” live stream classes have a good mixture of exercises that include Circuit Training & Dance. You can also find lot of fun stuff, such as Full Dance Classes, Choreography, Dancer Tips & Fitness Videos, from the site. If you are interested in online fitness class, why not give “” Free Trial a try. I highly recommend “”

allan testimonialAllan W.

I have had the pleasure of taking dance and fitness classes with Kim Dolan for several years. Both Kim’s virtual live classes and her prerecorded classes make available an array of great offerings both in dance and fitness to meet members’ needs and schedules.

Kim breaks down choreo moves, demonstrates fitness modifications, while ALWAYS motivating and encouraging her participants, and making each class fun. Even my four-year-old granddaughter has joined in on some of Kim’s dance classes and loves them!

Kim has even included cooking videos and tips on healthy eating. I am truly grateful to Kim for all that she does not only for me, but for so many others.

bonnie testimonialBonnie W.

KIM Keep It Moving has helped me so much during the past year and a half! I love that I can always access the pre-recorded videos for dance, strength training, and even cooking! I love the live virtual classes, where I can see friends (and pets!) as I would in real time. I think my favorite part of the website is the break it down videos, where I can learn the choreography at my own pace. Kim is always adding new content that keeps me coming back!

donna testimonialDonna H.

The KIM Keep it Moving website has been a God send, especially, during the Covid shutdown. I was able to come home and whether it was a live virtual class or if I missed it, I could access the recorded class as well as the choreo breakdowns. Not only has the, KIM website helped me physically, it was also a huge mental stress reliever.

Kim brings so much energy to her Classes, she’s such a Great Motivator! I love the fact she always shows modifications for all her routines! It’s been such an immense help to me! Though, I’ve never taken dance, Kim brings the dancer out in all of us! I never feel like I’m working out, even with the circuit training classes! My granddaughter joins in on the classes and we have such a great time!

Mia P.

Join the community of people just like you, we just wanna dance, get fit and have fun!