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The John Legend “Bigger Love” Montage Project

The Missy Elliot “Cool Off” Challenge

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“Let the Groove Get In” Dance Challenge

We are excited that you are participating in this Dance Challenge. Here are some pointers to help you get started, but just remember… Have Fun!

  1. Watch the tutorial video for instructions and choreography.
  2. Videos that are sent in can only be a maximum of 40 seconds.
  3. Videos are due by Wednesday, March 10th, 2021. Send your video to: When ready to email: Don’t forget to include your full name and anyone else in your video so we can include you in the credits.
  4. Be creative! You can film inside or outside. As long as you follow COVID guidelines.
  5. Freestyle dancers, remember your video is only 40 seconds long. Keep it clean and safe. Use discretion, any videos with vulgar moves will be deleted.
  6. By submitting your videos, you have full understanding and agree that you are giving K.I.M. Keep It Moving LLC the right to use your videos for any of our publications. If you have more than yourself in the videos, the other persons involved must have the same understanding and knowledge they will also be used in our publications.